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In this video Jay shows you what a 30 day Vegan Ketogenic meal prep looks like as he washes his veggies in the sink. This is over $100 worth of food from Wal-Mart (#Cheapskates) that will be put into smaller freezer baggies and consumed once per day along with some nuts, as shown in the video! This is for anyone who is genuinely interested in getting off of sugars and carbs, and still staying alive! It has been 30 days now of having this diet, and I am still alive! And I have more energy than ever before to do all the things required of me in the day. And speaking of the day, I guarantee I do a lot harder work than most of you out there sitting at desks in cubicles!

I really wish I would have done a before and after photo of my body during this Vegan Keto Diet plan, but, the thing is, I was already a skinny guy. A skinny guy losing a little more weight doesn't really entice people to join in on the adventure. There is also this widespread idea that "You need some meat on your bones" in order to "look healthy". This is not true. That is all part of the sickness of our society in that people generally want everyone around them to be unhealthy with extra unnecessary fats on their body, so that they themselves feel better about their own bodies having that extra fat on it. It is human nature to do this. This is not only regulated to the world of eating but also through things like cell phone carriers where you encounter a friend telling you "Oh man! You gotta join this Bell network! They're so awesome, they give you this and that, and talk minutes and data space" and so on, and then after you join the network with your friend you immediately realize that it is not all that great, and that there are all these hidden fees and extra charges, and so you call your friend up to tell them and your friend goes "Oh yeah I know right? Doesn't that just SUCK?" and it's all because we often want other people to suffer with us, along with us in our version of what the misery is rather than first pointing out all the downfalls. People also do not want to talk about themselves in a negative way as if they had just signed up to something terrible and make themselves appear to be a fool or look lesser in the eyes of their peers and so they get you to join with them in their misery and then you are both on an equal playing field.

I think what I am doing is quite impressive considering a great portion of what I am eating now is from Fat sources, healthy fat sources like nuts, avocados and coconut oils. I have lost 10 pounds in the first 30 days without doing any extra exercises or going to a gym, simply by changing a diet. The thing is that fats have 3-4x more energy than sugars and carbs, and so your body does not need or crave for large portions and you end up eating a smaller amount and having even more energy than if you had eaten that big plate of food you normally would eat. I am doing the 'Vegan' keto, however a lot of people find similar results with a regular meat based keto as well, so you do not need to cut out your favorite meats (although I highly recommend not contributing to the harming of animals) you can keep most of your diet the same ladies and gentlemen with just a few small changes, by eliminating all carbs and all sugars and swapping them out for fats, anything from steak fats to milk fats to the vegan version with nuts and nut-oil fats! If you would like to know more about this check out my youtube page www.youtube.com/intuitonline or contact me directly here on facebook!

Peace, Love and Light!
Jay Cole Yoga


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