A Vegan Ketogenic Diet is obtainable!

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I have been doing this LOW CARB diet for a few weeks now, it was insanely hard to cut out rice as i've been eating a high carb-in-the-morning diet for the last year as it works great to burn off all that crap during the day, whereas most people eat a high carb meal at night then they sit on the couch and netflix their asses into a insulin spike from all that carberated sugar happening in their systems that ultimately turns to fat!
What the ketogenic diet does is train your body to get its energy from fat instead of from sugars, so by eliminating all the sugars and carbs (that includes apples and bananas!) and eating a higher-fat (lots of nuts) diet will allow you to lose fat on a regular basis.
Also, you dont need to eat as much, very small portions as fat contains more energy stored than sugar does, so the fat you're ingesting plus your leftover fat from before the diet become food for your body every day. To stay in a ketosis state one can avoid eating breakfast until that very last moment when you start to feel hunger pangs, when the hunger strikes your body has stopped eating the resources available and has moved on to eating your muscle mass for energy, which is what we don't ever want. So skip your meals if you're not hungry because we are not robots or cars or machines, but don't avoid the hunger when it becomes present.
This diet is an excellent example of what it means to trust your body, to look within, to listen to yourself and what your needs are.
I often take one B12 in the morning with three D3's. Some mornings my body tells me i need two B12's and only one D3 and so I do that, alternatively sometimes I dont need any D3's and I dont need any B12's. Just listen to yourself.
It is hard to listen to yourself when your mind is not clear from the bullshit chatter of life. For that, a little meditation, only 10-20 minutes each morning will help to clarify some things within your own body. Another thing that happens naturally by cutting out eating all the crap in life, all the fast foods (there are vegan fast foods out there too!) and cutting out all the sugars (even the delicious apples gotta go!) allows you to really feel your true body, your true self inside, instead of the masked pleasure that all those fast foods bring to your existence.
I hope this helps clarify some things for some people out there who have no idea about any of this stuff!
Peace, Love and Light!
Jay Cole Yoga
Here is a great article explaining this with science words! 

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