Beyond the Mat Podcast - Episode 01 - Jay Cole - SOLOCAST

This is it folks! I am back! I have returned to the world of podcasting once more! I just love it here so much that I could not stay away! 

This new show is an audio format spin-off from my current youtube videos that are also called "Beyond the Mat". In this long form interview style podcast I will be continuing with some of the themes from the youtube channel

This first episode does not have a guest, I am the guest! I get deep into my life history, family, events, the car accident that shapped most of my life. I get into some candid talks about my drug use, being in a band and performing on stages from Rap to Stand-up comedy. There are family issues in here and it touches down on many different things that have happened in my life. 

I basically wrote out a little timeline starting at birth and started plugging in important events and details, trying to keep it all under 2 hours! (Nobody wants to listen to me talk by myself for more than 2 hours do they?) There is SO MUCH MORE to discuss, I could not fit it all into such a short timeframe, it would literally take me 39 years to tell all the stories! The deeper details will surely leak out in future podcasts with all the wonderful guests contributing to this new adventure.

I hope that you enjoy the show!
Peace, Love and Light!
Jay Cole

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