Electro Threadz! My FAAAAVORITE Online Clothing Shop!

Hey everyone!

So, I rarely write a blog review like this and so this one is definitely an exception to my normal stuff I post about. 

Electro Threadz! This is an online store where you can get these amazing psychedelic outfits, from cloaks to hoodies to t-shirts and so much more! 

I got a piece of theirs for Christmas last year from my bestie D-Block. It's got a trippy picture of the Cheshire Cat on it with some paint splatter in the back, oh heck, gimme a minute and I'll take a fresh pic of it, it's been washed a few times and it still has that super soft micro-fiber texture to it! 

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So, my bestie, D-Block, also bought a bunch of this stuff or her little brother who is a DNB DJ from Halifax, Nova Scotia named LiiQ (Like You!) and he's got a tonne of this stuff! The hoodies, the hats, the blankets! The sizing is spot on, the fabrics are comfortable, the colors pop and stay popped after many washes! I mean, I dunno what else to say about this stuff and so, if you guys use my link right here, it's one of those affiliate things, the prices are not any higher than if you go directly to their website, and if you use my LINK i get a little commission for the sale and it helps me, to have some extra cash, that i will use to buy myself some more of this trippy stuff! Oh! and yeah! I almost forgot, they also have an artist program, so I am trying to get some of my own art featured on their products! That would be so cool!

Okay everyone! That's it for this week! 

Peace, Love and Light,
Namaste, and all that otha good noise!
Jay Cole
Electro-Threadz Affiliate link here

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