EP 45 - Martin Saulnier - Comedian

Thank the goddesses and gods for my friend Marty, he's come to save the dayyyy!!! Yes he did! Yes he definitely did. With a whopping two and a half hour podcast, man, what better way to say goodbye than with my favorite recurring guest, Comedian Martin Saulnier!

We went all over the landscape today people! and right away too! fresh out of the gates! we had a skype issue, and they don't wanna lose their desk jobs, so they create issues on purpose! Planned obsolescence! Wrestling! Getting the strap in school, or a yard stick across your knuckles, bubble wrapping society, people who self harm, doing dumb shit as kids, telling lies as kids! Comedy! Character acting! How i'm pee-shy and how to get over it! Being present and mindful, Living in shitty places! and so, much much more all in todays final goodbye episode of beyond the mat.

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