Episode 31 with Ed Roman talkings about UFO's, ALiens and Music!

Ed Roman, UFOlogist, UFO, ALiens, Music, Farmer, singing, songs, farming, food, agriculture,

Wow, what a great show! i totally had no idea where this was going to go folks, my only notes for this guest were that he had something to do with #UFO's or #aliens or something like that. As I am sure you've all heard UFO freaks talking in the past, this could go either of two ways; it could go down a super strange rabbit hole of nonsense, speculation, hearsay and allegedly's, or it could go down a scientific path of reason and understanding. I think we managed to walk right down that middle path talking about #Advertising, #agriculture, #food, #farming, eating and living #healthy, #archetypes, the impact on eating strawberries in the winter and so much more leading up to our guests own personal experiences in the #unexplained. Ladies and Gents, make some noise, for Ed Roman!


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