Illuminati CONFIRMED - Artists Illuminate - Beyond the Mat


Artists like dark shit, artists like wizards and magick, artists like the occult. That's just how it is for some reason. We artists are tapped into a certain consciousness that some other people are not tapped into and possibly it frightens them?

Although it is not mentioned in the video this is a little story in defence of all the hateful videos out there today about Katy Perry's new music videos where they are calling her a satanist or illuminati member. That's it. Plain and simple. Someone had to come out and say this stuff so that maybe it will shed a little light on what is really going on in behind the scenes. It's not like there is some secret fund of illuminati money and they mail it out to artists so we hide symbols in our artwork. No, we just simply like that kinda shit. And its not just Katy Perry, its everyone from Gaga to Madonna to Marilyn Manson and many other artists who have delved into occult knowledge and represented it through their artwork. To all my wizardry friends out there, keep up the good work fam!

Peace, Love and Light,
Jay Cole Yoga


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