Jay Cole on Meditation

One key aspect of daily Meditation, for me, has been that by recognizing and acknowledging each thought that floats by as a foreign object not my own, not created by me, that I am not attached to them and so I do not have to act upon them, get upset or disturbed by them.
Sure, you say, that sounds easy when it's just you sitting there in the quiet room, but what about when you have to go back into the world with all the convoluted thought-based actions of others?
By implementing a daily meditation practice/routine, one can reblaze the neural pathways that our brains so easily get into, and create a road towards peace and understanding so that in the event of an outside force intervening in our day we can react according to the situation at hand by being present in the moment, and not reacting on account of our over-joyed/over-pained hearts, or over thinking minds!

Peace Love and Light!

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