Jay Cole Yoga - Beyond the Mat - 04 - The T Word


In light of what happened to Afghanistan on Thursday I thought about maybe not releasing this one due to the nature of the video and the potential shit-storm that may follow.

But instead, I think that if more people adopted this same attitude, it might just make our immediate lives a little bit better and a little less stressed. I am not saying to completely ignore what is happening, just to maybe not let it take so much of the fore-front of our daily thoughts. 


In this episode of Beyond the Mat Jay Cole Yoga talks about his reason for not participating in the current hate-parade against The T Word, Mr T. Money, The Donald himself! Please keep in mind I am in no way a Trump supporter. If you agree or disagree with what I am saying here please comment below and I'll try to address your ideas.

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Peace, love and light!
Jay Cole Yoga

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