Jay Cole Yoga - Beyond the Mat - 05 - Cannabis Legalization

I made this video before last thursdays release of information. This govt website has released many details, questions and answers about the new cannabis system going into place. So I did 4 videos of me reading it and going over what it means. 41 questions in total.
You can read the article yourself here. These companion videos were slated to be released later today however I do not have enough data on this data-caped internet we use and so I cannot upload them until next week. Please check back later for those! 

What I will say about it is this:
It's a good step in the right direction... But... Can grow 4 plants at only 1 meter in height?... So laughable... I've never even seen a plant that small. 4 tiny little plants per year is not enough, not for juicing them, making extracts/edibles or other beneficial uses for an entire years supply! Not to mention the yield of buds from 4 plants isn't enough to last one household all year! And the province and municipalities are allowed to lower those amounts from 4 plants and zone restrict growing locations. Essentially the entire HRM could be zoned as a no-grow area and people caught growing would be subject to INSANE jail time penalties. The govt's goal is that we will only be able to buy their cannabis, from their growers, from their stores. Even the seeds purchased for those wishing to grow at home must only come from the govts supply, and only their approved strains with caps on potency. It's become clear that the canadian govt is basically a mafia with police and military at their disposal.

In this episode of Beyond the Mat with Jay Cole Yoga I talk about the current state of affairs with this new legalization process, what I know about it, where it's at now, why it's at where it's at now, and how long it will actually take before we can buy weed at every corner store! (Well, maybe a dispensary! but I heard walmart had their eyes on this prize already to sell in their pharmacies) Please subscribe to my youtube channel it would really help me out with funding options! 

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