Love and Hate

Love and Hate
Let's talk about Love! Let's talk about HATE! HATE! HATE!

These days it's so easy to band together, arm in arm, over something we mutually dislike. Scrolling through social media can be a challenge as we are presented with all of these things trying to divide us and make us angry at each other, and if we have learned anything from Star Wars is that hate and fear lead to the dark side! Even when you think your hate is for a good cause, nothing but darkness!

I've gone as far as to replace the word hate with "Strongly Dislike" because i don't actually HATE anything or anyone. Seeing things from everyone else's point of view, wearing their shoes for a minute for a mile makes things as clear as day.

As social creatures we are often lazy in finding things in common with each other and so we have our quick goto's for things we dislike. The weather, traffic, politicians and so on. You sit on the bus next to someone, you're in an elevator, the comments are usually out of some misery.

I challenge you (and myself) that the next time you are presented with such a situation reply with something that you love and don't mention ANYTHING that you hate! Let's see if we change the moods and the global consciousness of people out there in the world, and we won't be reacting, we'll be interacting!

Peace Love and Light!

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