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More on meditation...

Catch a thought and let it go!

The idea that we are not our thoughts has helped me in becoming free of attachment that manifests in many forms, from physical items to personal relationships. Moreso, my personal attachment to "creativity".

I can remember looking at creativity as being “mine” and nobody else's, something I coveted dearly. But if I am not my thoughts, and if all the creativity that has flown through my mind was not created by me, then surely I cannot hold on to it the way I had been; even placing “copyrights” comes under scrutiny as a construct of the ego.

I used to believe that all these thoughts were mine and needed immediate action and when the action could not take place (desire) I was upset, at others, at society and at myself (suffering) for not being in a position in life to be able to act upon all my thoughts.

Specifically, I was identifying as a musician/artist, and so every “idea” I had for a song had to be done! I had ideas that involved entire orchestras so you can imagine my pain when I couldn't find one to help me make an indie label rap song that in the end won't even make enough money to cover the cost of even the cheapest instrument!

“Why Universe? Why?” I cried!

I had an equal amount of other creative endeavors through other mediums, authoring books, paintings, commercial art etc., that all fell flat in the same way, ending in my personal suffering when I could not manifest the ideas I believed to be my own (attachment).

Enter meditation to the stage and I have been able to accept that these thoughts are not my own… and let it all go!

Peace Love and Light!

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