My Case for Organics

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My Case for Organics:
I Juice. I juice vegetables and fruits. These both have a lot of pesticides sprayed on them. People think they can wash off the pesticides when they get their food home and this is only partially true. The pesticides are not only sprayed once at the end of the growth, they are sprayed during the life of the foods and that leaks down into the soil and absorbs back up into the food and are trapped there. There is an acceptable amount of these pesticides that people can ingest before getting sick. The people making these laws know that most people cannot eat 10 carrots in one sitting, but what they are not factoring in is that you can drink 10 carrots in one cup of juice. Which brings you above the acceptable levels of pesticides going into your body in one sitting. 
The greedy growers in power don't want to retrofit their growing methods for the crops nor do they want to foot the bill for alternative methods to remedy the insect problems, so in an attempt to dissuade the public from buying organic they have lobbied to make certifying your organics a very lengthy and expensive process with a lot of red tape, so much so that the farmers doing the organic farming are forced to pass these higher costs on to the end consumers, while trying to do the right thing by making these available. Or so they would have you believe.
The hypocrisy of this, is that the original methods of farming when these farms were first set up, all that setup, was considered 'just the cost of doing business' and those prices were not immediately pushed down to the end buyers in the same way the organics producers are doing these days. If back in the day, the framer had to buy new machines that did not make the cost of their crops immediately increase so drastically, it was understood that over time, over the years, these machines and methods would pay themselves off. Today's farmers want their machines and setup paid for with the first crop!
This makes organics look like something only rich people can afford, while middle class to low income families are forced to eat the poisoned foods that we find on our local grocery shelves today.
Until farmers can learn to follow the old business models with the the new methods of farming and production, we will always have this great divide in price difference and access to certified organic foods.
I wrote this article because I continue to hear from people that there is no difference between organic and non-organic vegetables, and the it is all scam to charge more money for the same food.
Peace, Love and Light
Jay Cole

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