Practicing Detatchment

I believe that one day we will achieve telepathy, and that all thoughts will be transparent, out in the open, and we shall all be in total communication with each other. We might as well start now.

Practicing Detatchment:

This, for most of us including myself, can be quite difficult. While I have manged to squeeze everything that I own into one carry on luggage most people find such a feat nearly impossible. I however had no trouble letting go of "stuff" as I simply view it as "future landfill material" and move on. The difficult challenge for me has been the attachment to personal relationships; The frienships and associations of the past.

At times to my own detriment I have always been a people pleaser. I have had trouble voicing my own truths and saying "NO" when it counted. This led others to believe that I would forever be on board with "their" journey in life. Such is not so and cannot happen as it is unhealthy to live that way, even when your own journey is at that time in alignment with their journey it is foolish to live as if it will always last. Nothing lasts for ever.

We cannot please everyone.

We will let people down at times and it can be hurtful when that happens. It will not always be planned nor will you have control over who you must let down when we let them go.

Why do we clutch on to them so dearly? Why do so many of us feel the need to continue on with these realations or items simply because we have known or had them for a certain timeframe? We hear things like "oh but I've known them since we were kids..." or "I can't throw that away, I've had it forever!"
So what? That is not enough of a reason to cling to someone or something, so why do we cling so vigourously to the past? There is quite frankly no reason to let go unless it no longer serves you. When it is done it is done. Let go, and move on! Do not look back. Let the hurt feelings cool down and if they have room to grow then they will understand your progression and need for change.

For myself I thought about Albert Einstein's famous quote "The definition of insanity is repeating the same thing expecting a different result".

At 37 years old I took a long hard look at the things that I had been doing with life; 24 years of graphic design, 22 years of being a musician, 4 years of standup comedy and none of it, repeatedly, no matter how hard I tried did it ever get me to where I wanted to be at in life. Insanity.

Choppidy chop chop.

I have been cutting and cutting for the last 2 years, mostly personal things like eating meat and gluten, until it culminated to needing to cut relations that only wanted me to go back into past modes. Because of what I believe to be weak willpower within myself I have needed to cut more. I cannot go into places that serve alcohol for example and so I stay out of those places. I have had struggles with other addictions so it is only wise to avoid people still in those modes until someday when I am strong enough to enter back into those situations or areas where seedy things are happening.

When we are on a personal journey seeking new ideas, ideals, morals and we are changing and growing, sometimes looking at the past and those who remain in old modes of thinking we might feel like they are trapped there, when in reality we were also once there, and without ever having been there we could not have gotten to a place or environment that facilitated change to happen. Give blessings and respect to the past and then let it go. No matter how hard or loving it was we cannot let it dictate our new futures. We must do what is right for ouselves, our current and future selves; our higher selves.

Peace and Namaste

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