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Attention Everyone! My New Book!

Click here to pick up your copy today!   What the bleeeeeeeeeeep is this about anyways? Well its simple, do you need to calm the bleeeeeeeeep down? If yes, then you need this book! This little project has taken about three years to compete. What started off as a public workshop morphed into a book! But it was only meh. So-so. Nothing to write home about. And so it sat on the shelf for a while. ti'l one day I was strollin past a construction site downtown and I heard these loud cuss words! I heard tools flying through the air crashing into things; like walls other machinery. I saw a crowd gathering, people stopped doing their jobs followed by the...

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Ep 37 - Daralyse Lyons - Author - Coach - Yoga

Dear listeners, what a great conversation! Daralyse Lyons, is an author, coach and yoga instructor doing her own brand of yoga called Emotional Yoga which is a technique that utilizes yoga to release limiting beliefs and behaviors. We also get into a little bit about meditation, binaural beats, kundalini, holotropic breathing and as always, much, much more! Click here for the Show on!

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EP 36 - Kristi Saare Duarte - Author - Traveler - Reiki Master

Todays guest~ Award winning author, healer, world traveler and modern day nomad KRISTI SAARE DUARTE is here. Kristi wrote a best seller called The Transmigrant, a what-if story about the lost years of Jesus. Kristi has lived in over 6 countries and traveled through more than 75 countries. She is a Reiki Master providing healings and she lives by a simple motto that "Life is for Living". Kristi and her books can be found by visiting her website here: Click here for the show!

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