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Attention Everyone! My New Book!

Click here to pick up your copy today! This little project has taken about three years to compete. What started off as a public workshop morphed into a book! But it was only meh. So-so. Nothing to write home about. And so it sat on the shelf for a while. Ti'l one day I was strollin past a construction site downtown and I heard these loud cuss words! I heard tools flying through air crashing into things like walls other machinery. I saw a crowd gathering, people stopped doing their jobs. And then the noises of two men fighting. All that I could laughingly think was "Wow, if anyone needs meditation, it's these guys!". That was it. That was my...

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Ep 37 - Daralyse Lyons - Author - Coach - Yoga

Dear listeners, what a great conversation! Daralyse Lyons, is an author, coach and yoga instructor doing her own brand of yoga called Emotional Yoga which is a technique that utilizes yoga to release limiting beliefs and behaviors. We also get into a little bit about meditation, binaural beats, kundalini, holotropic breathing and as always, much, much more! Click here for the Show on!

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EP 36 - Kristi Saare Duarte - Author - Traveler - Reiki Master

Todays guest~ Award winning author, healer, world traveler and modern day nomad KRISTI SAARE DUARTE is here. Kristi wrote a best seller called The Transmigrant, a what-if story about the lost years of Jesus. Kristi has lived in over 6 countries and traveled through more than 75 countries. She is a Reiki Master providing healings and she lives by a simple motto that "Life is for Living". Kristi and her books can be found by visiting her website here: Click here for the show!

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