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Christiaan Ooosterveen is a man from the netherlands who decided to biohack his life, starting with simple habit forming tasks leading up to what he calls Big Juicy Goals! Our guest today is in the process of documenting his journey of the transformation of a beer drinking bar tender living that fun night life to a serious marathon runner in under a year! So we're going to talk about first becoming an amateur runner, having accountability, setting healthy goals, finding a role model, the overall growth hacking and much much more!

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Okay people! This is the beginning of a series of conversations talking about Flow States! Introducing my new friend Geoffrey Lamberts! We talk about achieving flow through physical activities like Kayaking, through meditation and performing live music! This is a solid episode and I hope that you enjoy it!

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The Feather Illusion

Meditation and Yoga can put you into that 'flow' state. It's a beautiful place, some even say it's a communion with God. That's quite a trip, man! Meditation and Yoga, among other things, are the methods to get there, to break free from the illusion of reality. The next trip is that these methods are also an illusion, you don't need them to get you there! It's like the story of Dumbo the elephant, he thought he needed the magic feather to fly, but it was not the feather, it was something inside of himself all along, he always had the power to fly! The feather was the illusion, not the method!

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