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EP 30 - Beyond the Mat Podcast with guest Chris Kidawski - Fitness Expert and Author

Talking with Chris Kidawski today folks. Chris has over 20 years in the fitness industry with strength, weight loss, life performance and he also meditates. Somehow, tossed in with all of these things has managed to write 10 books! So folks, make some freaking noise, for Chris Kidawski!

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Today's guest, ladies and gents, is what I'm dubbing an extreme yogi, right here, right now, this guy has all the energy, he has all the knowledge, with over 1000 hours of training in various styles of yoga, this guy goes super deep into, not only the the physical practice, but the mental practice, and really embracing the entire lifestyle with the 8 limbs of yoga, he is a Mindfulness Life Coach, a Health Coach, Spiritualist and his podcast is called the Living Life on Purpose Show! You can check out his website, Ladies and gents make some noise for Michael Mukunda Chandra Kohan!  

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