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EP 39 - Mary Sheila Gonnella - The Queen of all things Nutrition

Today's guest is Mary Sheila Gonnella. Mary Sheila is a former pilates teacher turned nutrition consultant and ayurvedic practitioner. She helps people who struggle with health issues that are a result of their food choices and stress levels and are ready to go deeper than weight loss to reclaim their health so they can look and feel their best! Okay people! Make some noise, for Mary Sheila Gonnella! The Queen of All Things Nutrition(and the only MSG that is good for your diet) Click right here for the show! 

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EP 38 - Schulyer Diehm - The Early Risers

Todays guest! SCHULYER DIEHM from the Early Risers Podcast over at is here to talk about the benefits of creating a morning routine that will optimize the rest of your day, Schulyer says he used to hate mornings but through a routine and some other changes in his habits mornings are now his favorite part of the day and they help him be the best version of himself that he can be!  Click here for the show!

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Practicing Detatchment

I believe that one day we will achieve telepathy, and that all thoughts will be transparent, out in the open, and we shall all be in total communication with each other. We might as well start now. Practicing Detatchment: This, for most of us including myself, can be quite difficult. While I have manged to squeeze everything that I own into one carry on luggage most people find such a feat nearly impossible. I however had no trouble letting go of "stuff" as I simply view it as "future landfill material" and move on. The difficult challenge for me has been the attachment to personal relationships; The frienships and associations of the past. At times to my own detriment I...

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