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Jay Cole Yoga - Beyond the Mat - 10 - My Case for Organics

Today! Jay Cole Yoga talks about his case for organic vegetables, and then a little about why they are so incredibly expensive! The Farmers who produce them and the challenges they are faced with... and GREED! If you prefer to READ this I have already written it into a blog article on my this website simply keep scrolling and you'll find it! And don't forget to subscribe if you enjoy any of my videos! It would really help me out with some funding options in the future! Thanks!

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My Case for Organics

My Case for Organics:   I Juice. I juice vegetables and fruits. These both have a lot of pesticides sprayed on them. People think they can wash off the pesticides when they get their food home and this is only partially true. The pesticides are not only sprayed once at the end of the growth, they are sprayed during the life of the foods and that leaks down into the soil and absorbs back up into the food and are trapped there. There is an acceptable amount of these pesticides that people can ingest before getting sick. The people making these laws know that most people cannot eat 10 carrots in one sitting, but what they are not factoring in...

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