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I am talking today with Maggie Kelly who runs a meditation center called Satsanghouse in California. Maggie is a spiritual meditation coach, she trains students in the ways of meditation, she is a Chopra center certified instructor, thats Deepak Chopra folks! Certified! Maggie has been meditating for over 12 years and she is indeed a true yogi! You can learn more about Maggie and her center by visiting

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Jay Cole Yoga - Beyond the Mat - 16 - Natalie's Art!

In this interview segment of Beyond the Mat, Jay Cole Yoga talks with his good friend Nat about her art. For more of Nats incredible artwork have a look at her DeviantArt page right over here: you enjoy these videos, please subscribe and donate so we can keep making them better, for you!

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Jay Cole Yoga - Beyond the Mat - 11 - Is Nature a Medicine?

In this episode of Beyond the Mat with Jay Cole Yoga, Jay talks about how nature can be like medicine addressing a meme that's been floating around regarding mental illness and wilderness and those who have been countering it's opinion and my take on the whole silly thing! If you enjoy these videos subscribe subscribe subscribe! If you wish to help propel me further into this madness of videos donate donate donate!    

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