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Todays show ladies and gents! with, the amazing, Jessica Silverman, is all about: Self help, self discovery, self interests even! A little bit about independent/codependent, getting caught up in our lives and many more amazing things! Jessica left her career in Venture Capital to become self employed with only enough money for 3 months of rent! That's scary! Today Jessica helps with coaching folks with their lives to become their best selves, knowing what their true talents and passions are, and how to work with those and maybe incorporate them into their daily lives or jobs! Jessica is a writer as well, and she enjoys sharing her teachings + wisdom through live talks! Click here for the show!

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Fake healers, paradigm shifts, and world views a' skewed - Beyond the Mat - Jay Cole Yoga

After purchasing a subscription to Gaia tv, I have come to a sad realization that I have been duped. A golden carrot has been dangled in front of my eyes and I have been chasing that thing down a long and winding pathway that ultimately does not lead anywhere. A quick synopsis: We watched a documentary that had these people, these healers, or mental health trainers, or whatever metaphysical existential name you want to give them is up to you really. And these people who lets just call them 'healers' to make it easy. These healers, several of them, were interviewed in what appeared to be a documentary about how mainstream science and health does not have to be the...

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