The Roles We Play - Beyond the Mat - Jay Cole Yoga

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The secret is revealed in this eye opening episode about our roles in life and how they can affect us directly. 

In addition, the more you play a game the more this world starts to look like a game. When we look at this world as a game it all makes so much sense. I came into this game room, into this body, this avatar, this player-piece on the board, whether I selected it or not i don't know, maybe I was late to the selection process and I got the last picks! Either way I am here, playing my hardest, giving it all my best shot and on a high difficulty setting while others seem to breeze through on easy mode or with the cheat codes on. We have to move around through the system and figure out the rules and laws of the game, get our points ($), gather some items and stash them someplace, and figure out what the missions are, and then complete them, and find a new mission. 

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