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In this episode Jay talks about his experiences with weed fasting, that is, not smoking weed all day every day anymore, and regulating it to a certain time once each month.

Some of the benefits include:
Clear eyes! Not even joking, my beautiful blue eyes become almost a grey shade when I am using cannabis and after a couple days the blue's are more blue, brighter, and the whites are whiter and brighter as well.

Ambition: my desire to do things, to get up and go, and be an active member of society has been increased greatly. The flipside to this is when I am medicated I tend to not have any desire to do anything anymore and I just sort of lay around trying to find the easy way out, get rich quick schemes, and I spend days upon days trying to find an easy way out when if I had simply gone out and done something, anything, sometimes just even going for a walk and talking to someone else, can be a way to move ones life forward. When I am medicated, there are not too many walks, or bike rides, or adventures.

Sleep!!! This is a big one, and this has pros and cons to it.
When I am medicated, I sleep solid all night long, and i generally do not wake up until an alarm goes off, mostly i will wake up just seconds before the alarm, but always in a groggy state of mind, fully rested, but not really in the state of mind to get up and start doing things for the day.
When I stopped medicating, wow, i noticed that I did not need as many hours of sleep anymore and that I could get by on 6 or 7 hours of sleep each night, sometimes less, when I wake up in the morning however i do not usually have that super well rested feeling as I do from the solid medicated sleeps because after about 3 days of not using cannabis, my dreams become these explosive events! They are quite disruptive, and I feel like they are an all night adventure, and so i do not really get an incredibly good sleep as like when I do medicated. The dreams however, need to come out, and there is something in the cannabis that prevents that from happening, in that it keeps your mind in a dormant state when the dreams are supposed to be happening, its not like there is something blocking dreams on purpose, but more like an unwanted side effect of 'sleeping through your dreams' seems to occur. The dreams themselves are intense, the subjects and topics are out of this world, chaotic, adventures, always in a panic or a rush, and always with some sort of mission in mind. They usually include some of my friends and family. As with my last 15 years of constant cannabis use those dreams that did slip through were mostly the same, back in like 2009 a friend told me he only dreamed about pirates, hes a pirate, his friends are all there as pirates, and that he never dreams of anything else other than pirates. Shortly after he told me that, I started to have these pirate dreams, and eventually, that is all that i was having were these pirate dreams. In these dreams, I could be pirate, i could be the captain, i could be fighting against the pirates, sometimes family and friends were pirates, or the ones chasing the pirates. Eventually, zombies started to leak in with this, so there would be either zombies, or pirates, or, zombie-pirates! And those are the ONLY dreams I have had over the last 10 years or so.

Snacks! I dont really care about snacks anymore. Snacks were like this important part of my every day life. They would usually start around 10am, and i would nibble all day long, and especially at night. That no longer happens. I am no longer having this hunger all day long and that feels good, lighter in the belly, and lighter on my wallet!

The desire to sit on the couch: is gone! I like to go out and do things and experience things, and have adventures and meet people and this whole lazing around the couch has melted away!

Meditation: Meditation on weed has never been a positive experience for me, as when I am stonned my mind tends to go wild with thoughts as the creativity increases, so by not being burnt out i dont fall asleep while meditating, and by not being high I can just get into that deep meditative space without the minds creativity taking over.

That's all folks, for now. If anything else comes up!


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