Jays 2018 Art Collection

Hey folks! This is a collection of my latest artwork. There are 25 unique drawings, some of them have various color schemes you can look at. If you do not live in Victoria, BC to pick one up in person at a local shop you can use this site to order a print or two! 

Thanks for stopping by,
Jay Cole 

Tongues All The Way Down

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The first thing drawn in this image was the little ufo spaceship looking thing, which in the beginning was only the top half and I was thinking of more like one of those little "Ding" bells you see on a companies countertop, where you can ring for service to allert the attendant that you are there! But then I figured I like UFO's more than I like companies! After that, the center chamber was drawn, the buttles behind the UFO, the little blocks with eyes, the smaller blocks trailing behind them, the cloud thing that looks like its either a tree growing out of it, or it could be to signify air is exiting, like a fart maybe? and the the smaller clouds to the left behind that. The Next outline membrane was added, then the bubbles around the membrane. Then the tongue looking things were not supposed to be tongues but just weird looking bending twisting things coming down, when I added the first center line on the first small tongue i realized, okay, these are tongues!, finally the teeth along the bottom were added, and the green slime drool dripping from the top was added, to sort of imply that maybe these are all tongues inside some sort of giant mouth and that leads us to the title, When a scientist gave a speech about how the earth moves around the sun, and elderly lady stood up to tell him he was full of crap, she said the earth is a flat disc on the back of a turtle, the scientist asked "Well then what is the turtle standing on?" to which she replied, another turtle. What is that turtle standing on? another turtle of course, in the end, the lady used this as her way of winning the argument by saying "It's turtles all the way down!" to which the scientist had nothing to retort with. If you zoom out of my image, you would see that it is Tongues All The Way Down inside an infinitely spaced mouth!


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