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Hello all you beautiful people! Welcome to Beyond the Mat, a podcast about Yoga, Meditation, Diet and Nutrition, Flow State, Human Optimization, Detachment, Cleansing, Binaural Beats, Being a Seeker, Spirituality, Plant Medicines, Psychedelics, Holotropic Breathing, Auras, Aliens, Music, Current Events, Technology, Magick, Chakras, Kundalini, Metaphysics, The Existential Dread! and so much more! 

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This show is featuring Dr. Christine Bradstreet, Dr.Bradstreet is a retired Chiropractor who enjoys helping people to heal in more than just the physical dimension. Dr. Christine is a certified health and life coach and a metaphysician. She teaches people to examine their thoughts and beliefs and offers ways to help change them and create healing in any areas of their lives, from physical, emotional, financial relationships or spiritual.
Christine can be found on social media and through her website

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Ladies and Gentlemen, all the way from Louisiana, it's Joyce Wheeler! Talking today about living naturally and how she got to this place with her husband's illness, making natural skin care products, her podcast Natural Bliss, and the Green Woman podcast. Joyce has been living this natural lifestyle since 2012. She is such a nice lady and it was so wonderful to talk to someone as grounded as Joyce! Okay folks! Make some noise! For Joyce Wheeler!


Todays show ladies and gents! with, the amazing, Jessica Silverman, is all about: Self help, self discovery, self interests even! A little bit about independent/codependent, getting caught up in our lives and many more amazing things! Jessica left her career in Venture Capital to become self employed with only enough money for 3 months of rent! That's scary! Today Jessica helps with coaching folks with their lives to become their best selves, knowing what their true talents and passions are, and how to work with those and maybe incorporate them into their daily lives or jobs! Jessica is a writer as well, and she enjoys sharing her teachings + wisdom through live talks!

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This week's guest specializes in stress reduction using all natural health remedies. She has been on TedTalks, her own tv show, has a phd, has written several books, has been featured in numerous publications from Huffington Post to Dr.Oz, created programs for the US Military and helped stop an underground sex trade in her community. Ladies and gents! Make some noise for the amazing Dr Kathy Gruver PHD!

Ed Roman, UFOlogist, UFO, ALiens, Music, Farmer, singing, songs, farming, food, agriculture,

Wow, what a great show! i totally had no idea where this was going to go folks, my only notes for this guest were that he had something to do with #UFO's or #aliens or something like that. As I am sure you've all heard UFO freaks talking in the past, this could go either of two ways; it could go down a super strange rabbit hole of nonsense, speculation, hearsay and allegedly's, or it could go down a scientific path of reason and understanding. I think we managed to walk right down that middle path talking about #Advertising, #agriculture, #food, #farming, eating and living #healthy, #archetypes, the impact on eating strawberries in the winter and so much more leading up to our guests own personal experiences in the #unexplained. Ladies and Gents, make some noise, for Ed Roman!

Talking with Chris Kidawski today folks. Chris has over 20 years in the fitness industry with strength, weight loss, life performance and he also meditates. Somehow, tossed in with all of these things has managed to write 10 books! So folks, make some freaking noise, for Chris Kidawski!

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Today's guest is the founder of JUST ME ON LIFE! She is hosting this Emerging Warrior Retreat and co-authoring a book! How do people get into doing all these things? So many irons in the fire! Maybe we can convince her to also do a podcast? hmm... You'll have to listen to find out, that, and more! All right here, Beyond the mat, with today's guest, Nadine Barrett!

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Today's guest, ladies and gents, is what I'm dubbing an extreme yogi, right here, right now, this guy has all the energy, he has all the knowledge, with over 1000 hours of training in various styles of yoga, this guy goes super deep into, not only the the physical practice, but the mental practice, and really embracing the entire lifestyle with the 8 limbs of yoga, he is a Mindfulness Life Coach, a Health Coach, Spiritualist and his podcast is called the Living Life on Purpose Show! You can check out his website, Ladies and gents make some noise for Michael Mukunda Chandra Kohan!



Today's guest is Victoria Mavis, a real life magician! In this episode, we are talking about, magic, meditation, flow state, mentalism, habit forming, talking about the comfort zone and so many more things with a beautiful foundation of magic. Victoria also wrote a book called How Podcasting Can Change Your Life and that's available on Amazon, You can check out her websites, and her podcast is called Pure Mind Magic, for anyone out there in podcast land looking for a new show, give Victorias a try!  And so, Ladies and Gentle-mints, make some noise, for Victoria Mavis!


I'm speaking with Or Shahar who is the founder of Freedom Yoga all the way over in Germany (That's right folks, Beyond the Mat has gone International again!). Or has created her own workshops and online programs after going through some clinical depression before becoming a yoga teacher and we're gonna talk about that, we talk about her two trips to India, getting into Buddhism and a bunch of other topics, you'll just hafta listen to the show to find out!
Stephanie Cunningham, yoga, australia
Stephanie Cunningham is a yoga teacher who specializes in teaching seniors. Stephanie also hosts her own podcast called Changing the Face of Yoga where she showcases yogis who teach yoga to students with varying levels of fitness to counteract this public perception that yoga is only for young flexible and fit people.

sashatalks, sasha talks, sasha laghonh, moving mountains, karma trucks, business, lifestyle, strategist, career, health, manifestation, choices

Today's guest is the amazing Sasha Laghonh! Sasha is a business and lifestyle strategist, she caters to individuals and groups seeking to better their overall quality of life from their careers to their health. She educates people on better lifestyle choices and holistic remedies that cover things like meditation, nutrition, life design, manifestation and much more! Sasha hosts a live show called SashaTalks, and podcasts Moving Mountains and Karma Trucks.


Todays guest and Author of Never Binge Again, Dr Glenn Livingston, is a psychologist specializing in diets and nutrition here to talk about how binge eating can become a thing of the past! 

Dr. GLenns research has been featured in publications such as The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Sun Times, The Indiana Star Ledger, The NY Daily News, American Demographics, ABC, WGN, and CBS radio, UPN TV and many more. 

So as you may have guessed we are talking about weight loss and how the world affects our choices and then how we can change those choices. 

Dr. Glenn has developed a technique after experiencing his own personal journey from obesity into a new healthier self. 

Pick up your FREE ebook copy at the link below!


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Dr Kate Dow - Mind/Body/Spirit Psychology. She is a mentor for sensitive women entrepreneurs, teaches self mastery, sacred feminine embodiment, heart tantra--no that's not sex for your heart as we will discuss! And, Kundailini yoga! Which I know very little about so it was very cool to finally learn something! As always folks there is much much more in this epsisode, tune in to find out what happens! 

Dr. Kate Dow can be reached by her website  
Her Book:
Fear-Less: The Art of Using Anxiety to Your Advantage


I am talking today with Maggie Kelly who runs a meditation center called Satsanghouse in California. Maggie is a spiritual meditation coach, she trains students in the ways of meditation, she is a Chopra center certified instructor, thats Deepak Chopra folks! Certified! Maggie has been meditating for over 12 years and she is indeed a true yogi! You can learn more about Maggie and her center by visiting


Christiaan Oosterveen, Flow State, BioHacking, marathon, marathon runner, runner, running, Netherlands, beyond the mat
Christiaan Ooosterveen is a man from the netherlands who decided to biohack his life, starting with simple habit forming tasks leading up to what he calls Big Juicy Goals! Our guest today is in the process of 
documenting his journey of the transformation of a beer drinking bar tender living that fun night life to a serious marathon runner in under a year! So we're going to talk about first becoming an amateur runner, having accountability, setting healthy goals, finding a role model, the overall growth hacking and much much more!


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Today we're getting into the nitty gritty, including flow states, how change can be forceful or soft, (not a commercial), demon possession, DMT, electric machine elves, entities, aliens, and so many more things that I cannot even list them all here...



Sherile Reilly, Author, Books, Reading, Ebook, Pdf, read, letter, sentences, paragraphs, beyond the mat, podcast, jay cole yoga, authoring, scripting, scripts, ledgers, manuscripts,
Sherile Reilly has authored and published 7 books. She is here today talking about some of the book publishing steps involved, 
knowing when your book is finished, finding an editor, publishing companies, book covers and much much more! 

You can find all of her work for sale right now on



Today's guest is one of my bestest and longest lasting friend on this planet who goes by the name of Nayles! Nayles is a hiphop artist, an art artist too, he does amazing graffiti and he's one of the best graphic designers I've ever seen in my life. Nayles is here dropping some science about his life's adventure, we both lived in Los Angeles together, I was there for a year but he was there for about two years, and so we talk about that whole thing and what happened to both of us after we said our goodbyes at LAX. This is our first REAL full conversation since all that went down back in 2015, so there's lots of good juicy juiceeeee in this episode folks! 



Today's guest is part of this little "flow state series" I'm doing, Ekaterina Aleksenko is a lady from Russia, living in San Francisco, USA! I found Ekaterina through the Flow Genome Project when I reached out looking for some Flow State guests. She is a licensed skydiver with over 300 jumps, a yoga instructor, she has been ice skating, dancing, drawing, she's done circus aerial arts like tightwire and trampolines, we even spiral outward and get into some chats about hitchhiking and making jewelry! All of this, ties in, and relates back to flow states!
Today's guest is here to talk about flow states!
Paula Biltmore has been involved with the Flow Genome Project and has taken their fundamentals, performance and writers courses. Paula is interested in habit change and the science behind motivation. She has a functional medicine business, is an educator, a researcher and lover of science. Paula has a BA in psychology, a masters degree and phd coursework in education leadership, and paula is highly driven to help people, LEVEL UP their lives!

 EPISODE 14 - GEOFFREY LAMBERTS - FLOW STATE SERIESOkay people! This is the beginning of a series of conversations talking about Flow States! Introducing my new friend Geoffrey Lamberts! We talk about achieving flow through physical activities like Kayaking, through meditation and performing live music! This is a solid episode and I hope that you enjoy it!


Heather is BACK to cover a tonne of topics that we never got to chat about last time she was here, such as! The Trump talk, some politics, bitcoin, pizzagate, the flying spaghetti monster and a slew of other topics that I can't remember right now! You can find Heathers business of creating pixel quilts right


Today's guest has been composing original brand music for the last 28 years! You can find her online at, and she's on all the other socials under the same name, coycompositions on youtube, soundcloud, twitter and instagram.



Episode 11 - Sarah Dehaven - Astrologer and Personal Counselor
Today's guest is a highly intuitive individual, she is an Astrologer and personal counselor, you can find her online at, if, you would like to hire Sarah for a reading, or for help working through your stuff!



Episode 10 - Martin Saulnier - Comedian
 My good buddy Marty drops by to the show again on this 10th episode anniversary episode! Martin is a comedian who has been just KILLING it here in Canada's comedy scene!



Episode 09 - Michelle Murphy - Art Therapy
Michelle is a facilitator of art therapy, she works with people in a counselling sort of way through the use of art mediums and media, but, we'll let her tell you all about that, and more, as we get down to business here with the the lovely and friendly and always on-point, Michelle Murphy!



Episode 08 - Viviana Ng - Yoga and Pilates Instructor
My friend Viv from Yoga School dropped by for a little chattypoo and we got to catch up and reminisce about the good ol times in yoga school and get into some shop-talk about our trade! Viv has really been grinding it hard in the world of yoga and really has her shit together, all together, in a backpack, so it's together! And she has been selling it all at the shit store! aka, yoga classes. Viv is a great human being, she is fun to talk to and has a great personality, she is super friendly and inviting and ready to get down to business, yoga business!


 EPISODE 07 - Kathlene MacLean - Marketing Consultant - Copywriter - Emotional Fitness Coach
Kathlene is a strategic marketing consultant, copywriter and a certified emotional fitness coach. That is not deadlifts and squats for your emotions! But I'm not gonna try and re-explain what its all about, y'all can just keep on listening, we get into a wide array of topics  like Meditation, Psychic Readings, Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Mind Control, Marketing and we talk about getting Kathlene her very own podcast, which, is now available!!!


EPISODE 06 - Mike Dow aka MDB - Hiphop Artist
Hey all you beyonders! Here's a great little chat with Mike Dow aka MDB who is a hiphop artist living the real life on the East Coast of Canada! Mike lives with a visual impairment and still went above and beyond to figure out how to become a rapper! We don't talk about any of that in this show but we do talk about lots of other good stuff, tune in folks! With a few sound troubles It's a glitchy goodie!


EPISODE 05 - Heather Macmichael - CMT - PixelSurprise!
Jay is joined by his friend Heather to talk about her lifelong illness of CMT, where she is faced with chronic stabbing pains all over her entire body, on a constant basis. Heather talks about how she overcomes this setback and keeps a positive and cheerful attitude about life all the while being a self employed entrepreneur! 
You can check out Heather's business here
or her facebook page is here:


EPISODE 04 - Martin Saulnier - Comedian
My friend Marty stops by the show to give his two cents, opinions, and knowledge on a very wide range of topics that I had no control over! Marty has been doing standup for many years and he has been straight killin it out there building up his reputation and his brand of comedy! This is a stellar episode! If you like Marty and want more Marty in your life, there is already another episode recorded in The Bank! So stay tuned folks for the future of Beyond the Mat!

EPISODE 03 - Melissa Harvey - Entrepreneur, Special Care
Melissa is a friend from way back in the day! She joins us today to talk about her new business owning and running a special needs facility. We talk about being a mother and generally do some catching up since we have not spoken for about 10 years! We do get into some other stuff too about aliens, minding your own business and the Existential Dread! Enjoy!


EPISODE 02 - Josh Coleman - Facilitator of "Presencing Meditation"
Josh is an old friend who stopped by to give a little insight into the world of meditation. Of course we get way off topic discussing many other things under the moon but in the end we are able to reign it all back into a subtle form of completion! Enjoy the show!


EPISODE 01 - Jay Cole Solocast
In this episode I talk candidly about my life starting all the way back at birth and cycling up until the present moment and this new podcast endeavor! Enjoy!