HOW TO CALM THE FUCK DOWN - A Meditators Guide - Ebook

HOW TO CALM THE FUCK DOWN - A Meditators Guide - Ebook

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How to Calm the Fuck Down is a meditation guide for the everyday layperson, blue collar worker, tradesperson and general labourers.
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This book was designed for the blue collar workforce. This manual is for the everyday regular Joes of this world, for the Contractors, the Labourers and Trades People.

Jay Cole has 30 years of experience meditating and wrote this book in a very laid back and easy to understand method of relating to the audience.

This book is not only about 'how' to meditate but also has some personal stories and challenges that have been faced along with tips, tricks and techniques to help you live a more peaceful life.

If it does not help you it will at least be highly entertaining to read!
Except from "HOW TO CALM THE FUCK DOWN" ~A Meditators Guid~
By: Dr. Jay C. Cole


“This book is best read with a light southern accent”

Look guys, I’m not gonna sit here and pretend to be one of you. Because I’m not. I’m not gonna put on some jeans and boots with a plaid shirt and act like I’m your pal or your buddy. Because I’m not. I don’t even know you, and this is a book you’re reading so I can’t even see you from here.

What I am going to do is explain how meditation can help you out on job sites and make your lives a little more enjoyable while at work, and well shit, maybe at home too!

I’ve done enough general labour in my life, shit jobs that nobody wants to do. I’ve dug ditches, I’ve cut down trees, I’ve built houses and barns, studding and drywall and even plumbing, the shittiest job of them all and the whole time I’ve managed to keep a smile on my face.

You see, my dad wanted us kids to know what hard work was all about, what he called “a real-mans work” so that later on when we got off into life we wouldn’t do any of that kinda work; backbreaking hard labor, toiling in the fields or working on vehicles. Dad wanted us to go to university and get good high paying jobs that didn’t take a toll on our bodies and health and that’s why he was so hard on us out on the farm. Yeah, that and the free labor!

But ya know what? Everything doesn’t always go according to ol dads plan in life and my brother and I ended up working a lot of these shit jobs over time. The reason that I say I am not one of you is because I hated every minute of those jobs. I hated the bosses, the people around me, the foul cuss words, the male chauvinism, the dinner bell whistle telling me when I can and cannot eat and especially the long 12 - 16 hour days and putting in over 60 hours of work each week.

And that’s why I left that field of work and have never returned and so because I left I feel like I am not one of you, because you have all stayed. You have all put in the time, day after day, week after week and month after month and stuck with it to become good at what you do and I commend you on that. I never lasted more than 3 months at any job in my entire life of general labor or contracting.

Sure the money was good but where is that money today? It’s gone! I spent it on surviving and keeping a roof over my head, a phone in my pocket and weed in my wooden pipe. So I’m not coming from a place where I feel like I’m above any of you or better than anyone, shit I’m probably far worse off than any of you because I dont put in all that effort anymore. My bank account is empty and while I have food in my belly today there might not be any tomorrow but that is the risk I have embarked upon by becoming self employed. I no longer have the security of what you have and I often struggle some months just to pay a measly $500 in rent.

But I am happy. That’s the difference folks. I am happy as a cat in a yarn factory on tuna Tuesdays. And it’s not like my life is all that more simple today, I still need to give physical exertion, I still need to deal with some assholes every day and I still need to bite my tongue to not say something that will come back at me later on. The difference is, that I now have the tools needed to run through this gauntlet, to be a warrior of the mind!

The first thing I wanna do is explain what this book is NOT about. It’s not about telling you what to do. There are no guided meditations to follow with rivers and birds and weird hippie music playing in the background making you fall asleep. It’s probably the end of the day and you just worked your ass off and you’re tired and you don't wanna fuck around with that shit. I know what it’s like. You just wanna sit in front of the tv and get your netflix on, am I right? Well hey man, nothing needs to change, you can still do all of that. This whole thing takes only 10 minutes of your time in the morning and maybe at night if you’re up for it.

Have you ever gone to do somethin, maybe goin huntin or muddin with the boys or maybe just a family vacation and you needed to set that alarm a bit earlier than you’d like to get up, but ya did it anyways? Even though you knew you had a full day and it was going to be exhausting you to the core, you still managed to get up and get goin. Well that’s kinda what this is like, just an extra ten minutes and heck, you don’t even gotta get outta bed to do this!

There are not going to be any practice sessions, and there’s absolutely no strict rules to any of this, you can take it or leave it, bit by bit. You find what works for you and you just run with it, or I guess you’ll be sitting with it, cause it’s meditation!

Learnin about meditation is a lot like building somethin, like a house. You see you gotta lay out the foundation first, and then build upon that. There are certains tools to help you build the house and then once the house is built you don't need those tools anymore you simply live in the house. But hey I know it’s a good idea to keep a few tools handy in case somethin breaks down later on and we’ll get to that too.

Our minds are here for one reason and one reason only, to solve problems. The mind is always seeking, always lookin for a new problem, somethin to fix! That is the nature of the mind. It’s like “Where’s the next issue: Where’s the food? Where’s the shelter? Who are my friends? What time is it? Am I late or not? Will there be a smoke break?” That is the mind. It’s a little hammer always lookin for nails to bop on the head. And the thing about a hammer is, that it’s a hammer man, everything starts to look like nail after a while. The hammer doesn’t wanna just lay back in the box it wants to fuckin hammer some shit!

The thing about the mind is, it’s also like a blow torch, that burning fire! And you can’t really put out the fire with another blow torch, and the same is said for trying to make the mind shut up by using your mind.

Problems, stress, worries and anxieties, that’s all the mind is looking for and when they’ve all been tackled it just keeps looking and the small things in life start to turn into issues. It’s like you have everything in check, everything is perfect, your home life is amazing, your kids are perfect, your wife or husband is amazing and what the fuck is that little spot on the floor over there? Shit I’d better find a way to remove that damn spot! And the next thing you know you’ve got half the kitchen floor dug up.

There’s always somethin and there’s always gonna be somethin so we’re not gonna try and shut off the mind because that’s pointless, shit you’d be dead! What we can do is learn to ignore it, learn to let it go, learn to love that damn spot on the floor if that’s what it takes!

We need to step right out of that framework of attacking the mind and putting it down, because yes, it is needed for those real problems too! You DO need a place to sleep, you DO need that food and those friends and that sex, that’s all good shit for the mind to deal with.